From initial consulting, to building
and community management

Managing owners' interests and building secure and quality communities

Helping developers plan their future communities and buildings from the very start

Excellent management company. They are managing the building I live in, SLS Dubai, and provide 24/7 support for the residences. Always prompt at receiving the request and following up until solving the issue at hand.


Our building has been under Strata Global's management for a while, and I am personally very satisfied for the great services delivered throughout the years!


After many years of dealing with Strata Global, I can confidently state that they are one of the best and most professional companies in the field.


As one of the owners of the commercial tower managed by Strata Global we have just positive experience. Very professional team, always there to help us with any issue one can face in such a big building. They are very efficient and prompt in replying... improving the building's safety and security.


Your ideal community is just one meeting away.