We provide consulting services to property developers to help them create a clear roadmap of their projects, from the start until the completion.

Development consulting services

  • Legal assistance

  • Community title project management

  • Service Charge reviews and budgets

  • General Fund and Reserve Fund budgets

Thanking SG Management for the support! They're always ready to serve and assist in our queries. One of the best facility management we have dealt with!


Happy to share my wonderful experience with Strata Global! They were very Helpful and supportive in completing our handover procedures. Very prompt in action. Was happy to meet a team so responsible and quick in delivering their commitments


Have been working with Strata Global for one year now and they are a very efficient and effective company. The leaders and team on board are professional, hard working and reliable. Look forward to continuing working with them!


Services for Property Developers

  • Building and facilty management agreements

  • Owners Association handover

  • Commissioning of Community Title developments

  • Lot entitlement report and analysis

Our Property Development Consulting Service

  • Expertise & market knowledge

    We provide a thorough real estate development consulting service. Our experts make sure to evaluate and study the pre-development stage of your project to advise you properly. Our recommendations are based on due diligence, working hand in hand with the stakeholders and developments. Fluctuations in the Dubai property market may happen, which is why it is important to have a team by your side who knows how to navigate times of economic uncertainty. Our property development consulting experts have in-depth knowledge of the real estate market. They're able to shape contingency strategies that will keep the development afloat when the current state of the market seems uncertain.

  • Maximise your ROI

    Our experts can advise where and when to invest. Working alongside the stakeholders, we make sure to optimise property investments to maximise your ROI. We help with the plan preparation and layout, hiring reliable third party service providers, legal advisory and more concerning the development of a property.

  • Problem solving

    We identify and anticipate unapparent problems that may arise in the future during the development of the project. Our property development consulting services start from pre-development, guiding you every step of the way until the handover process is completed.

  • Legal assistance

    We also provide assistance with the legal onboarding process of the jointly owned property (JOP) once the handover is completed. Don't worry about dealing with legal entities, our expert consultants will make sure to provide the help you need with any legal paperwork required.

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