SLS Residences

A wondrous tower with 75 floors hosting 964 units, 371 of which are uniquely designed residences. Located in Burj Khalifa District, SLS makes part of a picturesque skyline, glimmering with sunlight by day and glittering with the stars at night. Live moments filled with excitement and wonder, from taking a dip in the pool during the afternoon to enjoying culinary delights inside the structure’s restaurant. Residents in SLS have the great fortune of living in a residence where mischief meets luxury and elegance. To meet demanding luxurious standards, we oversee asset management, from facility maintenance to staff training, ensuring an elevated standard of living for all guests and residents is met.

As an SLS Residence unit owner, I must say that the management company which manages all services in SLS is very professional. All of the people which work there are very helpful and nice. Concierge team always find solutions for any request. Special thanks to Strata Global for managing the buidling. Their hard and professional work gives this place life!

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