From financial management to staff training, our community management team ensures functional operation of any building and its facilities.

Owners Association

  • Service Charge invoice and collection

  • Community financial management

  • Legal compliance

  • Database management

Excellent management company. They are managing the building I live in, SLS Dubai, and provide 24/7 support for the residences. Always prompt at receiving the request and following up until solving the issue at hand.


Our building has been under Strata Global's management for a while, and I am personally very satisfied for the great services delivered throughout the years!


After many years of dealing with Strata Global, I can confidently state that they are one of the best and most professional companies in the field.


As one of the owners of the commercial tower managed by Strata Global we have just positive experience. Very professional team, always there to help us with any issue one can face in such a big building. They are very efficient and prompt in replying... improving the building's safety and security.


Community Management

  • Enhance living experience

  • Adopt and implement the brand's SOPs

  • Staffing & mobilization

  • Owners' / residents affairs management

Our Community Management Services

  • Owners association management

    Whether if it's a single building or an entire community, our community management services help simplify the challenges of jointly owned properties. Our team in Dubai specializes in managing and advising the owner’s committee to make informed decisions regarding the management of the property. Offering an array of services that take away the hassle, we will help with everything from financial planning to compliance with all of RERA’s rules and safety regulations.

  • Full guidance and support

    As an owners association management company in Dubai, our top priority is to achieve the optimal performance of a building. From drafting community rules and regulations to properly allocating the financial resources collected from the service charges. We ensure the proper management of the building.

  • Do not miss a service charge deadline. With an automated system, every owner will get their service charge invoice on time. Multiple reminders are also sent to make sure everyone submits payment within a reasonable timeframe. As a Dubai owners association management company , we will take care of the collection of the service charge. Every owner deposits the stipulated amount to a specified bank through RERA's Mollak system.

  • Community financial management

    Every dirham invested by the owners association and community committee is strategically allocated towards the improvement of services within your building. As an owners association management company, we focus on arranging quotations from third party service providers, to purchasing high quality materials for the improvement of your amenities.

  • Legal compliance

    Finance and residential management is only a portion of our job. We also help you comply with all legal requirements concerning your building from governmental entities. We make sure that your building is aligned with all legal and safety requirements enforced by the Dubai Land Department.

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