From determining the service charge budget, to the strategic allocation of all finances, our solution simplifies running a jointly owned property (JOP).

About our service

  1. Our residences managers are fiscally responsible professionals who focus their efforts on delivering a premium service to elevate service level standards.

  2. Administering a jointly owned property is filled with onerous challenges that require a meticulous attention to detail. Our owners association management services are here to help you take care of any adversity your JOP may face and simplify any complex legal protocols.

  3. We work hand in hand with the Owners' Committee to help them reach informed decisions about the future of their property. With transparency at the forefront, our Residences Managers keep a clear and updated record of all finances that provide an open understanding of all expenses and investments made in the property.

Excellent management company. They are managing the building I live in, SLS Dubai, and provide 24/7 support for the residences. Always prompt at receiving the request and following up until solving the issue at hand.


Our building has been under Strata Global's management for a while, and I am personally very satisfied for the great services delivered throughout the years!


After many years of dealing with Strata Global, I can confidently state that they are one of the best and most professional companies in the field.


As one of the owners of the commercial tower managed by Strata Global we have just positive experience. Very professional team, always there to help us with any issue one can face in such a big building. They are very efficient and prompt in replying... improving the building's safety and security.


Why appoint a Management company?

  1. Our experts can help a JOP maximise its ROI by promptly resolving unexpected issues and being fiscally aware of the investments needed in the property.

  2. By keeping all the building and all of its equipment well maintained, our team will increase your property's value by ehancing the standards and the service levels.

Our Owners Association Management Services

  • Budget Allocation

    An integral part of our Owners Association management is the proper management of your general and reserve funds. Our Residences Managers in Dubai approach this by assessing your current expenses and advise on fiscal alternatives to curtail costs and lower service charges.

  • Enhanced Living Experience

    We understand residential satisfaction as an indicative KPI of our performance. Many Owners Association management companies in Dubai forget this crucial element of our industry, but we do not; our Residences Managers are trained to be hospitable individuals who promptly resolve unexpected issues and anticipate residential needs. We deliver on elevating the property's service standards.

  • We ensure that we appoint the right person to manage the right building. Our team takes care of the handover process, ensuring that your property meets RERA’s legal and safety requirements and is registered in the Mollak system. We guarantee the optimization of the building, by levereging our dependable relationships with our reliable third party service providers who provide us with maintenance, security and cleaning services, while delivering their services according to Strata Global's level.

  • Facility Solutions

    Our facility managers (FM) appoint the third party service providers that will oversee the maintenance of all building amenities. Our FM team have the experience and knowledge to fully manage your property. Our team is composed of engineers who are experts in the field and can arrange quotations, ensure that they remain compliant with RERA's regulations and carry out the necessary and planned maintenance across all building amenities.

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