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Dubai Land Department is digitising and revolutionising real estate

As part of the Smart Dubai vision, Dubai Land Department (DLD) continues to make technological advancements that simplify complex procedures. Going from visiting multiple governmental offices and engaging in daily dialogues or calls, to completing legal protocols with a few taps on your mobile device. In 2020, DLD took several innovative steps that have revolutionised the real estate sector and facilitated a simpler path for Owners’ Associations to complete various necessary tasks. Let’s explore a few. 

Throughout the years, Dubai has emerged as an investment hub for real estate, attracting buyers who want to expand their property portfolio. The exponential growth the market has experienced is due to the simplified processes from acquiring a property, all the way to the handover stage. One of these innovative advancements has been the DubaiRest app.


The application makes it easy for tenants and owners alike to conduct real estate transactions. Payments, real time price valuations, real estate brokers performance reports, data from real estate offices and the latest market index for sales and leasing. The app works as a transparency tool, giving future investors a sense of security when making educated business decisions. It provides users the ability to independently conduct their own transactions without the need to print documents. It also eliminates time consuming protocols by simplifying them through a procedure that is mostly a few taps long. 

For overseas property investors, the RestApp allows the payment of water, electricity and other utilities. Acting as a centralised management tool, it spares the expense of a management agency who used to execute these tasks. Landlords can also complete leasing and sales transactions, upload, request and share paperwork with their tenant.

Owners and tenants alike can now register their Ejari contracts directly through the app. They can initiate the request under the RERA option. Completing the process is simple, the owner/tenant is only required to provide their Emirates ID, title deed or mobile number. By tapping “Register Ejari Contract” the process will be initiated and all there is left to do is track the progress through the “My Requests” section. 

DubaiRest app has given tenants and owners the independence to conduct real estate transactions, not to mention access to market data and information about real estate brokers and agencies alike, giving them the upper hand when engaging in any negotiations. 


In case there’s a need for a No Objection Certificate, it can now be easily requested through the DubaiRest app by following a few simple steps. DLD has made it easier to obtain this document for owners. A NOC is now applicable for owners whose building’s annual budget has not been approved or the current quarter free for the building has not been invoiced. Owners can now access the e-NOC directly through the DubaiRest app. 

But why did DLD opt to introduce an electronic Non Objection Certificate? 

The implementation of an e-NOC is due to the extra charges attributed to the owners, seller and owners association management companies in Dubai after requesting the document. It is important to note that not everyone who is registered in the DubaiRest app is eligible for an e-NOC, only owners and owners association management companies in Dubai who are cleared to manage a property and have access to the Mollak system can make use of this in app feature. 

Accessing and requesting an e-NOC can now be done in 12 easy steps. They’re divided as follows: 

1. Login to the DubaiRest app using an Emirates ID, Title deed, mobile number or UAE pass.

2. Enter the required details. 

3. Select property type. 

4. Select a specific property. 

5. Click on the More menu on bottom right for property services. 

6. Select “e-NOC Request” from the list of property services. 

7. Check all the required steps before proceeding. 

8. Select the “Buyer Type” and enter the required information. 

9. Verify the personal information and enter missing information. 

10. Attach the required documents. 

11. Add or remove from the list of buyers and click on “Submit”. 

12. Kindly note the reference number to track your request.

Owners association management companies in Dubai will need to collect a few documents before proceeding with the process. These documents include: 

1. Sale contract.

2. Copy of the owner’s ID or passport in case the owner is a non resident.

3. Certificate of settlement of payments for the property.

4. No objection certificate from the maintenance company. 

Though the application process has been made simple, owners association management companies are still responsible for collecting all necessary documents before proceeding to collect the e-NOC. 

Where to next? 

DubaiRest has proven to be a convenient tool for buyers, sellers and tenants alike. The app can eliminate time consuming real estate protocols, curtail costs and simplify transactions. It has also made it easier for owners association companies in Dubai, like us, to request e-NOCs and quickly proceed with the handover procedure of a jointly owned property (JOP). DLD continues to innovate the real estate sector, making processes and protocols easy to understand, but most importantly, simple to execute. As their innovative approach continues to develop, we can expect to experience an increase in property investments.

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