Dubai community management

Dubai community management; choose the right firm

A Dubai community management firm can help you run a Jointly Owned Property (JOP). It involves an array of services that must be provided to look after the property. These services involve, but aren’t limited to: maintaining the property; preempting technical faults, legal advisory & financial advisory. All this whilst keeping a smile on your face and making residents happy. That’s why choosing the right Dubai community management firm, with a wide range of expertise, is essential for the successful management of properties. Today, we have compiled a list of the 6 most important things to consider before appointing a community management firm. 

Consider their experience

The number of years within the industry, along with the quantity and quality of previous clients on their portfolio is paramount when it comes to assessing a Dubai community management firm. Looking into their track record will give you an idea if the firm at hand can carry out the duties and responsibilities for a proper management of properties. Assess if they’ve been able to maintain the desired level of service on their previous projects. Engage in a dialogue with their old and current clients to inquire how their service has impacted the overall financial and service aspect of their property. A LinkedIn profile is a great place to start. 

The Residences Managers

Although investing time and money in research may seem like an extra expense, it is indisputable that doing so can help you avoid selecting the incorrect Dubai community  management firm.

Give preference to a Dubai community management firm with more seasoned managers. Visit LinkedIn and click the company’s name. Proceed to visit the employees’ profiles to learn more about their work history. Look into how they supported and optimized various communities. Assess whether it meets your needs for your desired needs for the management of your properties. Look at their previous experience and assess if their work in previous fields, like hospitality, can be used as an asset for the proper management of properties. 

Financial knowledge

A key aspect of successful property management is the strategic allocation of financial resources during and after the mobilization period of the property. Knowing where and how to allocate them will be the key component for the successful optimization of the building or master community. Making a budget for the staff and third party service providers, to invoicing and collecting the service charge with ample time to secure a general fund for the upkeep of the property, along with a reserve fund in case any mishaps happen. 

Preemptive vision

We all know that maintenance problems can arise at any time. An effective community management company will have protocols in place to handle maintenance issues as well as any other unforeseen issues that may emerge. Ask the management company how they tackle these situations. Do they utilize preferred outsourced services or in-house maintenance staff? Will they request several quotations, haggle for the best deal, and handle the bill-paying on the board’s behalf? The top property management company will take the initiative to reduce maintenance costs for your community.


Boards need to be property management companies that apply a “one-size-fits-all” management philosophy. If you select a property management company that treats your building the same way they would any other property, you might be in for a shock. A community management firm can give you the resources you need to create the best strategy possible to look after your community the more they are aware of your particular demands. By engaging in a discussion and reaching a mutual understanding of the level of service required, the managers can assist you  in creating recommendations that are tailored to your objectives. Ask inquiries that delve into the specifics of what your property requires to avoid the “one size fits all” situation.

Last but not least…availability 

Effective management depends on clear and timely communication. It’s critical that your residents can contact someone when necessary because issues, worries, and inquiries don’t just arise during regular business hours.Some Dubai property management companies provide residents with easy, interactive ways to communicate with the management team through online portal services that include customer care and after-hours emergency support. These services are a priceless resource that most companies offer. Everyone’s minds will be at ease knowing your community management firm is available for you and your residents at all times.

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